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The environment and our products...
Alcuf is 100% recyclable, and close to 100% reusable.  This cannot be said of any other structural material in this class. At any point during the life span of your Alcuf Product, the extruded aluminum can be recycled if a site has to be demolished, or it can be moved and reused.  The value of the material is never lost.  Your original material investment is retained more than any other building material.  The result is your original investment delivers the highest return available, and Aluminum is never wasted or found in a land fill.  At the time of writing, 75 percent of all aluminum produced since 1888 is still in use!

Initial Installations and Future Work are achieved without the need of heavy equipment, heavy transport, or special handling requirements.  This not only results in reduced initial Installation costs, but affects life cycle costs as future repair, expansion or maintenance remain minimized to the end user.  It is also friendlier to the environment.

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