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Quality - Innovation - Low Life Cycle Cost

Alcuf International Inc. is a Designer and Manufacturer of high quality Aluminum Building Products.  Alcuf products are proven to be extraordinary in terms of design, performance, and value, delivering life cycles unattainable from traditional solutions.

Our product lines include Fencing, Noise Barriers, and High Security Perimeter Systems.  Because of intelligent design, all products benefit from dramatically reduced labour requirements for installation, optimum on-site application and adaptability to diverse conditions, and fully adjustable frameworks for long term performance.

This ensures your project will retain the maximum value possible well into the future.

Home Owners - Alcuf adds value to your property the instant you install it, through to the time you sell your property.  Conventional fencing products begin to deteriorate and show their age soon after installation, while Alcuf looks great for decades.  This web site will show you how Alcuf can keep your fence looking beautiful and save you money over the long term.  Our authorized dealers are the best in the industry, and we take pride in delivering unique value to you, the end user.

Builders - Explore how Alcuf adds value to your product, and how we support your investment into your clients future.  Working with Quality Builders to provide a predictable and reliable product is what has built our brand reputation.  Once we integrate into your end product, you can rely on us as if we have worked with you for 30 years.  We know this, because we have builders that have been using our products for decades due to the quality, flexibility and low life cycle cost.

Architects/Engineers/Specifiers - Discover how our Engineered products are compliant with Building Codes, Bridge Codes, Noise Transmission Loss standards, Security and Access Control standards and more.

Our reputation has been built on quality, unique design for value, compliance, and performance.

Our authorized dealers are trained, and then monitored for quality control.

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