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Design Concepts


Alcuf has developed innovative designs in Aluminum Building Products, including fencing, noise barriers, balcony/railing systems, and more. Our designs result in dramatically reduced labour costs for installation, convertibility, adaptability to diverse site conditions, and adjustability. The structural components are high strength Aluminum providing a very limited maintenance requirement, and a very long service life.

Alcuf International Inc. has a network of authorized dealers in Canada, and in the United States of America., as well as strategic partnering arrangements with leading Canadian Extruders and Fabricators to produce Alcuf Components to the highest quality standards available.


Alcuf Noise Barrier and Fencing Systems

Alcuf products have an extraordinary high quality that is visually apparent. Alcuf system design allows you to select from a wide variety of infill to suit your requirements. This not only optimizes the cost by being able to design for a specific application, but it also allows for the integration of a variety of infill on the same site in different locations with different design requirements.

The infill can range from solid aluminum panels, to very dense wood, to other composite or custom-made panels. One of the most important features of an Alcuf system is the inherent adjustability that allows the project to always look as straight as new, even though ground movement is sometimes unavoidable. Of course being Aluminum, warping and rot are eliminated completely.

New infill products are being developed and tested on an ongoing basis.


Alcuf Balcony and Railing Systems

The Alcuf Balcony and Railing System provides superior strength, beauty, life, and value for your balcony needs. It will adapt to any type of building structure, whether it is new construction, or an existing building. The design of the Alcuf Balcony and Railing System provides for minimum labor cost during installation. Because it is substantially all aluminum, it requires no heavy equipment, and minimal scaffolding during construction. Because of its minimal labor costs, the overall cost of the system remains competitive even though the actual materials are more expensive and durable than other alternatives.


Compared to competitive products, Alcuf…

  • is Aluminum and does not rust or rot by nature;
  • does not need large equipment to install; this means
  • less personnel, and less time on site;
  • smaller installation vehicles due to its light weight;
  • by design requires less labour for the finishing stages;
  • is completely adjustable for future elevation changes;
  • and is 100% recyclable;
  • has a variety of infill alternatives;
  • is convertible and reusable;
  • has the lowest total life cycle cost as compared to other alternatives in every product line class

There are many more advantages and features of Alcuf products which are detailed in this product document:

Alcuf Product design points and life cycle expectations.

Today, when there is intense pressure to optimize property development costs, specifiers are looking for intelligent designs that provide long-term performance with minimum maintenance. That in fact is the very definition of an Alcuf Product.

Authorized Dealers undergo technical and practical training, allowing them to consistently deliver the high quality standards Alcuf is known for.


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